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To whom it may concern
I am the Christchurch domiciled member of a Body Corporate that manages a group of rental cottages on the outskirts of Akaroa. Faced with a failing sewage treatment system and restrictions on land for dripline disposal of residual liquids I approached Andrew Dakers (ecoEng Ltd) who undertook site investigations and designs for a trench system for the disposal of the residual liquids. He introduced us to “All About Sewage Ltd”, the principal of which alerted to us to a very cost effective and efficient package treatment plant, provided by Eloy Water NZ Ltd, which we purchased and he installed. Andrew also introduced Hurunui Drainage and Plumbing Ltd.
The three companies provided competitive quotes for the work and, upon engagement, completed the work efficiently and with the very briefest interruption of the rental operations. The ecoEng costs were modest and despite a number of delays and complications which involved Mr Dakers in spending additional time on the project, he sought no reimbursement above his original quote. The Hurunui Drainage account was less than the quote for the work.
I cannot compliment these three businesses more for the client friendly approach to the work, their flexibility and professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a tidy, effective and well priced sewage treatment and disposal projects.
Martin Ward
11 February 2016